HR Services


Executive HR

Any good business owner knows that they can not have a well run, successful company, without good employees. But running a company, and having to navigate the HR world, can be really overwhelming. This is where Activate HR comes in. We help your HR department make decisions that enhance employee experience while still protecting the company culture and values. We work with your current HR department to streamline, advise, and enhance employee management.
Leadership Enhancement
As part of fractional HR services, Activate HR will advise, suggest, and assist in helping to develop executive leadership skills.
Scaled to Your Business
Not every company needs a full time HR manager on staff. With fractional HR, Activate provides the services you need as needed to the HR staff you currently employ. This saves time and the bottom line going forward!

Solo HR

Solo HR services are provided by Activate HR. With remote HR services provided, your small to medium sized business can focus on the day to day operations while we manage your people, policies, and procedures.

Dedicated HR Manager

Your dedicated HR manager helps build your HR policies from the ground up. No signing the contract and being passed off to someone else. Your manager is dedicated to your growth and HR success. 

HR Services As you Need Them

Solo HR services allow you to utilize professionals as you need them as opposed to employing someone on staff full time. We step in as you need, allowing your focus to remain on the growth of your business. 

It's essential that you quickly engage qualified people if you want to manage your expanded workforce.

Our HR services allow us to help you develop talent that is valuable to the growth and success of your company.